Dog sleeping positions

Why Does My Dog Do That (Series)

You’ve got questions. We have the answers. by the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB. Dogs exhibit all sorts of bewildering, funny, sometimes worrisome, quirky behaviors. Here are some of the most common and mysterious canine habits, and the reasons behind them.


All About Dog Sleeping Positions

It might seem like your dog would be more comfortable sprawled out on the couch rather than curled up in a ball in the corner—and he probably would be! But some dogs sleep curled up nonetheless. Why? Blame evolution! 

Dogs in the wild will dig a nest to sleep in, and curl up in it—especially if it’s chilly. Doing this will help keep them warm and also keep their most vital organs tucked away from predators. So there are two good reasons why dogs developed this behavior.

If your dog stretches out when he sleeps, he’s either really hot or he feels safe and secure. In the wild, a canine would never sleep with its organs exposed. But in the comfort of your home, this means that your dog feels safe.

You might want to get your dog a small bed in an appropriate size, which will make him feel cozier. Or you could give him a blanket and let him “dig” his own little nest. Different breeds sleep in different ways. Some would never want to burrow in a blanket. However, some breeds prefer to bury themselves.

If you are concerned about your dog or want to learn more about dog sleeping positions, talk to your vet or contact us. We can determine the root cause of your canine’s behavior and offer a customized plan to correct it.

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