Eating Grass

Why Does My Dog Do That (Series)

You’ve got questions. We have the answers. by the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB. Dogs exhibit all sorts of bewildering, funny, sometimes worrisome, quirky behaviors. Here are some of the most common and mysterious canine habits, and the reasons behind them.


All About Eating Grass

First of all, despite what you may have heard, dogs do not engage in this behavior to make themselves throw up. Dogs on well-balanced diets and in remarkably good health regularly eat grass, and many dogs can routinely eat grass and not vomit.

Research has revealed that most grasses will not make dogs throw up, and other studies have shown several wild canine species also commonly eat grass. The idea that dogs eat grass because they are missing something in their diet does not stand up under scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Likewise, the notion that grass is used by dogs needing to vomit cannot be proven.  

What’s with my dog eating grass? As gross as it sounds, some dogs might just like it—just as they savor the flavor of dirty socks and underwear. Hey, there’s no accounting for taste, but pay attention when your dog does this, particularly teething puppies. Excessive ingestion of leaves, sticks, grass, and other plant material can lead to a blockage.

Beyond that, let them munch and don’t worry. Eating grass is a normal act for dogs. If you are concerned about your dog eating grass, speak with your vet or contact us to schedule a free consultation. Here at Rocky Top K9, our team of local dog trainers have over 3 decades of experience. We know dogs, and we love to help!

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