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RTK9 THE Dog Club

The Dog Club Events: Pack Social at The Island in Pigeon Forge

Why a Dog Club?

Training, Fitness AND More
Our tag line says it all! We believe there is more than just having an obedient dog. We share a life with our pets so let’s make it the best life possible. After all, you’re investing in your dog via our training services. Why not reinforce those positive behaviors while having fun? Plus, you and your dog will make new friends! The purpose of our club is to bring out the best in our pets, utilizing each dog’s natural genetics and instincts. Participating in our events further reinforces good manners and continues the bond building all while being with other dog people. We have something for everyone. We schedule hikes, 5k’s, PPT, and agility courses. Additionally we offer more mellow events like pack walks or patio social hours at local restaurants.

Local Dog Events in the Smoky Mountains

Events are scheduled and posted on Facebook and Google. Watch online and sign up there or contact us directly.
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