Sandra Sudduth

Trainer: Sandra Sudduth

Those that know me understand how much I love dogs (well, animals & nature as a whole) and how I love to be active with fitness and outdoor activities.

I can hardly remember a time that I haven’t had a dog by my side. Spending most part of my life training my own dogs. I took the training to more advanced levels after learning from my friend Scottie. On a personal level, our lives more enriched because of it. The freedom we have is amazing. I can confidently take them with me in many different environments and activities. So amazing, that I started sharing with friends & family. I quickly discovered how much I loved training and wanted to share this with others.

A few years ago, I became a Ski Instructor and then a Ski Patroller. From this, I learned another new passion. Both in the sport itself and in teaching others & sharing the positive energy the sport can bring. But of course, this is only a seasonal privilege. Aside skiing and boarding, I have been into fitness just about my whole life in one sport or another. In general, I thrive on being able to be outdoors and it’s even better when I can include my dogs.

So, what does a love of animals, a desire for a meaningful career, a love of fitness, and the gift of teaching have to do with one another and how does it relate to dog training? That vision turned in to Rocky Top K9, both in obedience and in the formation of our Dog Club. The formation of a training company where we could have the freedom to train our way – based on the individual client need & to make it personal. This is not something that I’m doing because I need to, it’s because I love the training, love the results, and want to share it with others.