Karrie Greene

Trainer: Karrie Greene (as written by Scottie Greene)

This beautiful gift from God is my wife Karrie Greene.

Six years ago when we met, Karrie was totally new to the dog world. Soon after, she expressed to me that she wanted to learn how to train dogs just like me. I remember telling her that a person should never learn how to do something just like someone else. Therefore, I told her I would show her the ropes but her style would be her style and that’s how she would grow as a trainer.

Karrie is five years into her journey as a trainer and many of the likes on this page come from her followers. She doesn’t ride on my coattails and isn’t known as the “trainers wife”. Rather, she is an outstanding trainer and has helped many families with their pets.

With being a single mother of two in the past and with being a grandmother, she has the patience and calmness of a stone cold military operator! It’s this ability that makes Karrie an outstanding trainer.

Karrie Greene, dog trainer with Rocky Top K9


Dog Training in the Smoky Mountains

Karrie Greene is naturally talented in many ways. Fortunately for us and the community, she uses her dog training talent to help families and their canines. Scottie and Karrie have a genuine love for dogs and they display this via dog training services, participation in company events, and involvement in The Dog Club.

This exclusive club is available to Rocky Top K9 students and graduates. Socialization and community are vital for dogs. With this in mind, we created The Dog Club to foster growth and to celebrate the Rocky Top K9 family.

Additionally, we offer boarding services to our students and graduates. When traveling, our clients have peace of mind when leaving their beloved dogs with us. Rocky Top K9 boarding services in Sevierville are available only to our clients.

When you partner with a Rocky Top K9 trainer like Karrie Greene, the relationship between your dog and yourself will flourish. Furthermore, you both will gain the Rocky Top K9 community and the support we provide through The Dog Club, boarding services, events, our blog, and more! Contact us today to get started.